1 april, 2016

NOTE about Immunovia and IMMray™ technology information on newswires and social media

Lund, Sweden – During the last months, Immunovia’s news and press releases have caught the attention of social media and journalists around the world. Due to the nature of the Internet, several articles have been published and will continue to be published not only by Immunovia chosen news channels but also by communities of independent journalists writing about our technology using the movie and the texts from Immunovia´s website. These articles have been spread through newswire engines worldwide.

Additionally, yesterday, a facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/immunovia/?_rdr together with a youtube film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rllxHIUBX38 have also been created in another geographical location without our knowledge, using the trademarked technology name, IMMrayTM and pictures from Immunovia´s website without our consent. We will follow up and take appropriate actions in each case.

For the latest news and press releases, please always visit Immunovia´s website: www.immunovia.com which contains the latest updated and approved information about our company. In case of questions please do not hesitate to ask us: info@immunovia.com.

Immunovia Communication Team


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