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Michael Pettigrew

Senior VP Sales North America

Michael Pettigrew has a Bachelor of Science in biology at Fairleigh Dickinson University. He brings over 30 years of experience and has focused his extensive global expertise in the management of marketing & sales, business and strategic account development, licensing, mergers & acquisition, and commercial technology platform development. While he was at Thermo Fisher Scientific, he managed large regional based sales teams (USA, Canada, Latin America, and South America) by providing sales, technical support, and customer support. Prior to Thermo Fisher Scientific, Michael was the Vice President of Corporate Development at Magellan Biosciences, where he was focused on M&A and licensing. Prior to that, Michael held positions at GE Healthcare (Vice President, Sales), Amersham (Vice President, Genomics), and Pharmacia (Director of Marketing, North America).

Current assignments: None.

Previous assignments (past five years): VP Sales Americas Thermo Fisher Scientific.