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Hans Johansson (1954)

Hans Johansson holds an M.Sc. (Eng.) in chemical engineering and has long-term experience and a broad-based contact network from previous roles in the life science and diagnostic industries, most recently as Vice President of Companion Diagnostics in Thermo Fisher’s Specialty Diagnostics Group. Prior to that, his positions included serving as Global VP and Head of Marketing & Commercial Development for Thermo Fisher’s ImmunoDiagnostics Division and VP of Pharmacia Biotechnology AB’s Laboratory business area. He has also served as the President, Director and entrepreneur of various start-ups in the sector. He has over 30 years’ experience of global business development and commercialization of biotech and diagnostic innovations.

Current assignments: Chairman of Doloradix AB och Myrtila AB. Board member of QLinea AB.

Previous assignments (last five years): Deputy Director of Duvbo affärskonsult AB. Board member of Uppsala Innovation Centre AB.