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Cindy Callahan


Cindy Callahan graduated from the University of Vermont with a BS in Nursing. After spending many years in the intensive care unit setting, both clinically and managerially, Cindy pursued a quality assurance career in the medical device industry. She held many positions with increasing responsibility within the original Kendall Healthcare Products Company, which later became Tyco Healthcare, Covidien, and now Medtronic. As Product Manager for the Endostapling business at US Surgical, Cindy was responsible for leading the next generation linear stapling technology and expanded clinical indications on existing product line. From there, she moved into the diagnostic market space with Oxford Immunotec where she established and grew the employee and student health markets for blood-based TB testing. After losing her mother to pancreatic cancer, Cindy left her position as Director, Medical Education and Professional Relations to join Immunovia to lead the commercial activities for the launch of the IMMray™ PanCan-d test in the US.

Current assignments: None.

Previous assignments (past five years): Co-Chair; Special Commission to Study Pancreatic Cancer in MA