June 16th, 2017

New Immunovia logotype

Immunovia reveals today the new logotype, one that can continue to grow and adapt with the development of the IMMray™ technology and its clinical applications in cancers and autoimmune diseases.

This brand identity change is important for Immunovia for three reasons:

-The company name is now easy to read and understand

-New IMMray™ based tests for cancers and for autoimmune disease diagnosis are now in Immunovias development pipeline with extremely promising results.

-These new IMMray™ based tests need to have a distinct but consistent visual identity in the same time maintaining the power of the Immunovia brand.

Clean, simple and articulate, the new logotype clearly shows Immunovia´s name. Just by changing to the colours associated to each particular disease/group of diseases, for example purple for pancreatic cancer, the new logotype gives the possibility to develop the brand architecture with new clinical applications.

The design of the logo contains the letter “I” that symbolizes the laboratory tube in which one drop of blood is enough to perform the IMMray™ based microarray tests.


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