Ten largest shareholders as of December 31, 2019.

NameNumber of sharesShare capital and voting rights %
Carl Borrebaeck1 709 9008.70%
Ålandsbanken, on behalf of the owner1 680 8398.55%
Handelsbanken Svenska Småbolag1 100 0005.60%
Sara Andersson Ek888 9504.52%
Per Mats Ohlin888 9504.52%
Christer Wingren820 5864.17%
Vincent Saldell707 1833.60%
Försäkringsbolaget Avanza Pension575 3342.93%
Swedbank Robur Folksam LO Sverige565 0002.87%
Mats Grahn365 0391.86%
Total, 10 largest shareholders9 301 78147.33%
Summary, others10 353 07252.67%
Total number of shares19 654 853100%



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