International Cancer Day 2020

Date: 4 February, 2020

Place: Stockholm, Sweden

Follow the event live on SVT Play, on February 4.

The 3rd World Pancreas Forum 2020

Date: 6-7 February, 2020

Place: Bern, Switzerland

40. Annual Meeting German Pancreas Club (Deutscher Pankreasclubs e.V.)

Date: 13-15 February, 2020

Place: Halle, Germany

Deutscher Krebskongress 2020, German Cancer Congress

Date: 19-22 February, 2020

Place: Berlin, Germany

PCUK Annual summit: Accelerating Success – Postponed to Oct, 2020

Date: 30 March, 2020

Place: London, UK

American College of Physicians (ACP) Internal Medicine Meeting – Cancelled

Date: 23-25 April, 2020

Place: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Pancreas Cancer 2020 – Postponed to April 2021

Date: 14-17 May, 2020

Place: Erlangen, Germany

FOKUS Patient – Postponed to Aug 21, 2020

Date: 15 May, 2020

Place: Stockholm, Sweden

The Big Step Forward – Pancreatic Cancer UK’s awareness walk – Postponed to Sept 5, 2020

Date: 16 May, 2020

Place: London, UK

SEPD – Congreso Virtual Digestivo

Date: 28-30 May, 2020

Place: León, Spain

Lab & Diagnostics of the Future – Cancelled

Date: 4 June, 2020

Place: Stockholm, Sweden

Striding for Survival – Pancreatic Cancer Actions annual awareness walk – Virtual event

Date: 6 June, 2020

Place: Cobham, UK

Immunovia proud sponsor of UK Virtual walk:

SEPD – Congreso Virtual Digestivo, 2nd part

Date: 18-20 June, 2020

Place: Virtual event, Spain

25th conference of WONCA Europe – Postponed to Dec. 2020

Date: 24-27 June, 2020

Place: Berlin, Germany

52nd Meeting of the European Pancreatic Club (EPC) – Virtual event

Date: 2-3 July, 2020

Place: Paris, France


Date: July 2, 2020

Time:  12.20-12.40 CET

Title:  First-In-Class IMMray™ PanCan-d Enters Final Clinical Validation Stages for launch Q4 2020 for Early Detection of Pancreatic Cancer

Presenter: MD Thomas King, Medical Director, Immunovia

Q&A session: MD Thomas King, Medical Director, Immunovia and PhD Laura Chirica, CCO, Immunovia

PancreasFest 2020 – Postponed to July 2021

Date: 22-24 July, 2020

Place: Pittsburgh, PA, USA

FOKUS Patient – digital seminar

Date: 21 August, 2020

Place: Stockholm, Sweden

The Big Step Forward – Pancreatic Cancer UK’s awareness walk

Date: 5 September, 2020

Place: Bromley, Kent, UK

1st ECO Cancer Immunotherapy Breakthrough, virtual event

Date: 10 September, 2020

Place: Virtual event, Spain

75. Annual meeting DGVS (German Society for Gastroenterology) and DGAV (German Society of general and visceral surgery) – Postponed to Sept. 15-18 2021

Date: 16-19 Septemeber, 2020

Place: Leipzig, Germany

Second Scandinavian and Baltic Pancreatic Club Meeting – Postponed to 2021

Date: 17-18 September, 2020

Place: Stockholm, Sweden

Pri-Med Atlanta, Primary Care CME/CE

Date: 22-23 September, 2020

Place: Atlanta, GA, USA

RCGP Annual Primary Care Conference and Exhibition – Postponed to February 2021

Date: 1-3 October, 2020

Place: Glasgow, UK

APA 2020 Annual Meeting, American Pancreatic Association – Virtual event

Date: 30 October - 1 November, 2020

Place: Miami, FL, USA

Collaborative Group of the Americas Inherited Gastrointestinal Cancers (CGA IGC) – virtual event

Date: 14-15 November, 2020

Place: Nashville, TN, USA

World Pancreatic Cancer Day 2020

Date: 19 November, 2020

Place: Worldwide

Onkologisk Forum 2020, NGICG – Cancelled

Date: 19-20 November, 2020

Place: Oslo, Norway

Annual Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Pancreas Cancer Conference

Date: 21 November, 2020

Place: Boston, MA, USA

Pri-Med East, Primary Care CME/CE – Cancelled

Date: 2-5 December, 2020

Place: Boston, MA, USA

25th conference of WONCA Europe – Virtual event

Date: 16-19 December, 2020

Place: Berlin, Germany


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