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IMMray™ technology platform – a powerful key to improved patient selection and monitoring

Immunovia’s innovative multiplexing technology uses a single drop of serum to measure 400+ biomarkers and provide condensed diagnostic-, prognostic- and predictive disease specific biomarker signatures.

In contrast to genomics microarray technologies (e.g. NGS-based) that measure the potential risk of a future disease/drug (Rx) response, IMMray™ measures the patient serum proteome and assesses the actual current state of the disease or treatment response.

IMMray™ microarrays are developed from a proprietary set (currently 940) of a new generation recombinant single chain fragment variant (scFv) antibodies from our own phage-display library. Each microarray is able to detect a set of clinically relevant changes in immuno-regulatory factors, cytokines, enzymes, complement proteins, innate factors, and other disease associated proteins.

Machine learning algorithms and advanced bioinformatics are deployed to help us single out clinically relevant biomarkers that together form a unique disease fingerprint.

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Our pharma offering

  • Customized Discovery Microarrays and IMMray™ CDx Test solutions for patient cohort dichotomization.
  • Patient selection with sensitivities and specificities above 90% as illustrated in figure below.
  • Optimized for routine diagnostic lab workflows with three days turnaround time (TAT) from patient sample receival to test report.
  • Ability to work with serum samples as opposed to biopsies, and the achievement of very high clinical sensitivities and specificities to successfully dichotomize between phenotypically similar indications.
  • Verified applicability within two main disease areas – oncology (pancreatic cancer) and autoimmune diseases (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Vasculitis and Sjogrens Syndrome).
  • Proprietary bioinformatics tools to derive a specific condensed signature/algorithm of 10-35 proteins capable of differentiating patients into sub-cohorts – based on an initial survey of our 400+ serum biomarkers.


IMMray™ PanCan-d Dichotomization Power



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