Other cancers

The IMMray™ technology platform and approach show great promise for the early detection of several other types of cancer than pancreatic cancer. But every disease is different and requires a thorough, structured approach with a large number of samples for the retrospective studies.

There are several on-going projects, in the discovery phase, targeting the early diagnostics of other forms of cancer based on the IMMray™ platform in collaboration with CREATE Health, Lund University. If successful, these projects will generate new patents that Immunovia will have access to, and the findings will be added to the pipeline of specific tests to develop and validate further.

As mentioned above Immunovia patent portfolios in the prostate and breast cancer areas have been generated during academic research. The two main clinical needs in prostate cancer are firstly, to avoid unnecessary biopsies caused by todays suboptimal testing using PSA and secondly to determine if a prostate cancer is aggressive and need treatment or not aggressive and can be monitored instead.

Examples of other cancer projects in research stage are lung cancer and further pancreatic cancer studies for additional unmet needs as well as other cancer types where the need of early detection is particularly important.


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