Immunovia Dx Laboratories

Immunovia AB is currently developing in-house laboratory services, offering expertise and clinical testing for the early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. We are in the preparation phase for launching two accredited reference laboratories, one in Lund, Sweden, covering the European markets and the other one located just outside Boston, Massachusetts, servicing the United States.

Our quality systems are intended to meet the general regulatory requirements for ISO15189 and CLIA/CAP.

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Immunovia Dx Laboratories will provide laboratory testing services for clinicians in two accredited reference laboratories. Patient serum samples will be analyzed using in-house produced antibody microarrays. Each microarray generates a protein expression profile (biomarker fingerprint) that is evaluated for pancreatic cancer using advanced bioinformatics and algorithms.

The performance characteristics of IMMray PanCan-d are currently being established in three different multi-site, prospective validation studies, involving the risk groups Familial Pancreatic Cancer, New Onset Diabetes (NOD)-associated pancreatic cancer and risk groups with early, vague symptom profiles.


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