IMMray™ microarray – technology overview

Our unique platform – IMMray™ – is an antibody-based technology that creates a snapshot of the immune system response – from a single drop of blood.

But IMMray™ is more than a technology platform, it is a systematic approach to finding the most clinically relevant changes that appear in the blood, and combining this knowledge into a “disease fingerprint” also known as a biomarker signature.

To find the biomarker fingerprint, we first train the IMMray™ platform  software to recognize the immune system response in the unhealthy patients, separating them from the controls. We do this by investigating the blood of previously diagnosed patients (retrospective studies) and by asking the system several questions: Which protein biomarkers are relevant for detecting this disease? Are there any changes to the protein levels in the blood that is relevant to this disease? How can these changes help us in detecting patients?

Antibodies targeting all relevant biomarkers are placed on a single microarray and a series of advanced algorithms and bioinformatics are used to test which combination of biomarkers that best identifies the disease. In this way, we train the system until it is able to identify the patients with the best possible accuracy.

Once the training of the system is complete and the retrospective studies are finalized, the biomarker signature is confirmed through prospective studies in our partner clinics and hospitals.

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