Unmet clinical needs

Although, the detection of pancreatic cancer in the early stages (I and II) significantly improves the survival rate of the patients, general testing of the entire global population is not socio-economically justifiable.

Therefore, Immunovia has defined unmet clinical needs within three groups that have an increased risk of developing pancreatic cancer. Within these three risk groups there is a greater need for routine investigation and testing.

Unmet clinical needs:

  1. Screening of high-risk groups i.e. familiar/hereditary pancreatic cancer
  2. Testing of new onset diabetes type II patients over 50 years who suffer a 6-8 times increased risk of developing pancreatic cancer within 1-3 years
  3. Testing of patients with vague symptom profiles where the clinicans suspects, or wants to rule out, pancreatic cancer

IMMray™ PanCan-d has the potential to address these unmet clinical needs, by offering reliable early detection of stage I and II pancreatic cancer, while the tumor may still resectable by surgery.


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