General meetings

The shareholders’ right to decide on the company’s affairs is exercised at its highest decision-making body – the general meeting (the annual general meeting or an extraordinary general meeting). The general meeting decides, for example, on changes to the articles of association, the election of the Board of Directors and auditors, adoption of the income statement and balance sheet, discharge from liability of the Board of Directors and the CEO, the appropriation of profit or loss, the principles for the appointment of the nomination committee and remuneration guidelines for the Management Team.

General meetings shall be held in Lund, Sweden. Notice convening the annual general meetings and extraordinary general meetings where amendments to the articles of association are to be addressed, shall be issued no earlier than six weeks and no later than four weeks prior to the meeting. Notice convening other extraordinary general meetings shall be issued no earlier than six weeks and no later than three weeks prior to the meeting. A shareholder who wishes to have a matter considered by the Annual General Meeting on may submit a written request to the Board. Proposals for the agenda shall be submitted no later than seven weeks before the Annual General Meeting.

Immunovia General Meeting is held May 7, 2020 at:

Medicon Village
Scheelevägen 2
223 81 Lund, Sweden



General Meeting April 26, 2019

Short form summary of notice convening Annual General Meeting in IMMUNOVIA AB

Kallelse till Immunovias Årsstämma 2019 (PDF in Swedish)

Fullmaktsformulär Immunovia April 26, 2019 (PDF in Swedish)

Valberedningens redogörelse 2019 (PDF in Swedish)

Styrelsens förslag till beslut (PDF in Swedish)

Ersättningsutskottets utlåtande 2019

Immunovia – Report from AGM

Immunovia Protocol from AGM 2019 (PDF in Swedish)

Link to Immunovia’s Annual Report 2018


General meeting May 3, 2018

Kallelse till Immunovias Årsstämma 2018 (PDF in Swedish)
Fullmaktsformulär_Immunovia 3 maj 2018 (PDF in Swedish)

Immunovia – report from AGM (PDF in English)

Immunovia Stämmokommuniké (PDF in Swedish)

Immunovia Protocol from AGM 2018 (PDF in Swedish)

Proposals for resolution at General meeting, May 3 1018 (PDFs in Swedish):

Punkt 9 Valberedningens förslag

Punkt 10 Riktlinjer för ersättning till ledande befattningshavare

Punkt 11 Principer för valberedningen

Punkt 12 Bemyndigande för styrelsen att fatta beslut om nyemission

Punkt 13 Nyemission av teckningsoptioner för nyckelpersoner mm

Punkt 14 Ändring av bolagsordningen


Immunovia General Meeting, April 25, 2017 (Documents in Swedish):
Kallelse till Immunovias Årsstämma 2017 
Handlingar inför Immunovias Årsstämma 2017 
Fullmaktsformulär Immunovias Årsstämma 2017
Immunovia Stämmokommuniké
Årsstämmoprotokoll 2017


Extra General meeting, December 9, 2016 (Documents in Swedish):
Kallelse till extra bolagsstämma 9 december 2016
Handlingar inför extra bolagsstämma 9 december 2016
Fullmaktsformulär extra bolagsstämma


Immunovia General Meeting, May 30, 2016 (Documents in Swedish):
Kallelse till Immunovias Årsstämma 2016
Handlingar inför Immunovias Årsstämma 2016
Fullmaktsformulär Immunovias Årsstämma 2016
Årsstämmoprotokoll 2016


Extra General Meeting, September 28, 2015 (Documents in Swedish)
Kallelse till extra bolagsstämma 2015
Handlingar inför extra bolagsstämma 2015


Immunovia General Meeting, May 30, 2016 (Documents in Swedish):
Årsstämmoprotokoll 2015


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