Governance structure

Immunovia AB (publ) is a Swedish public limited liability company, org. No. 556730-4299, with its registered office in Lund, Sweden. Immunovia has been a listed company since 2015, with shares traded (as IMMNOV) on Nasdaq First North in Stockholm and since 3 April 2018 traded on Nasdaq Stockholm.

Good corporate governance is a prerequisite for maintaining confidence among shareholders, partners and other external stakeholders and is built on the company’s strategies, targets and values permeating the entire organization.

Immunovia’s corporate governance is governed by the Swedish Companies Act and other applicable laws and regulations, the company’s articles of association and internal policy documents. The internal policy documents cover first and foremost the rules of procedure for the Board of Directors, instructions for the CEO and instructions for financial reporting. Furthermore, Immunovia also has a number of policy documents and manuals containing rules and recommendations, which contain principles and provide guidance in the company’s business operations and for employees.

The structure of the corporate governance process is illustrated below:

Governance structure


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