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Familial / Hereditary Surveillance Programs for Pancreatic Cancer

februari 17, 2019

Familial/Hereditary Pancreatic Cancer Surveillance Programs: An Overview
Presenterad av Carrie Mansfield, MBA, Clinical Marketing Program Manager

0:00 Introduction
0:14 Statistics for pancreatic cancer
1:00 Surveillance programs are effective at detecting PDAC earlier
2:04 Definition: Familial and Hereditary Pancreatic Cancer
2:43 Definition: Screening vs Surveillance
3:38 Familial and Hereditary relative risk for Pancreatic cancer
4:27 Surveillance guidelines for those at high risk for pancreatic cancer
5:39 Guidelines for conducting pancreatic cancer surveillance
6:23 Analysis of the efficiency of imaging during surveillance (publications)
7:23 The role(s) that IMMray® PanCan-d could play
8:22 Surveillance programs in North America
8:34 The PanFAM study
8:55 Summary