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Diagnostic Landscape for Pancreatic Cancer

February 17, 2021

Current Diagnostic Landscape for Pancreatic Cancer (PDAC)
Presented by Thomas C. King, MD, PhD, Medical Director
Published February 17, 2021

Dr Tom King, Medical Director at Immunovia Inc, describes the diagnostic approaches for pancreatic cancer and how a Blood Biomarker Test can improve these processes.

0:00 Introduction
0:10 Routes of presentation for pancreatic cancer patients
0:59 The diagnostic processes (imaging and biopsy)
2:08 A blood biomarker test can improve these processes
2:26 Improvement for those with Vague symptoms
2:45 Improvements for High risk individuals
3:18 Improvements for Imaging abnormalities
3:37 Improvements for those with Worrisome symptoms
3:55 Diagnostic landscape: Imaging (Sensitivity, Specificity and Accuracy)
5:29 Diagnostic landscape: FNA (Sensitivity, Specificity and Accuracy)
6:38 Improving the diagnostic landscape with a blood based biomarker test
7:30 Summary