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NOTE:Immunovia has ceased commercialization of the IMMray PanCan-d test. More information available here:

CORRECTED VERSION: Nomination Committee appointed for the 2021 Annual General Meeting of Immunovia AB (Publ)

November 11, 2020

Correction: The Nomination Committee’s proposal will be presented in the notice convening the Annual General Meeting 2021, not 2020.

According to the instructions for the Nomination Committee of Immunovia AB (Publ) that were adopted at the Annual General Meeting on May 7, 2020, the Nomination Committee shall consist of four members.

LUND, SWEDEN – The Nomination Committee, which is to be appointed for the period until a new Nomination Committee is appointed, shall consist of four members, of which three will be appointed by the Company’s three largest shareholders in terms of voting, and the fourth shall be the Chairman of the Board. In the event that the Chairman of the Board is one of the three largest shareholders, he shall, in his/her capacity as shareholder, make his seat available and the next shareholder shall be offered the right to appoint a member to the Nomination Committee. The Chairman of the Board shall, as soon as reasonably practicable after the end of the third quarter, contact the three largest shareholders registered in the share register kept by Euroclear Sweden AB at this time in an appropriate manner and request them to, within a reasonable time, may not exceed 30 days, in writing to the Nomination Committee name the person the shareholder wishes to appoint as a member of the Nomination Committee. If one of the three largest shareholders does not wish to exercise his right to appoint a member of the Nomination Committee, the next shareholder shall in turn be offered the right to appoint a member of the Nomination Committee. In the event that several shareholders waive their right to appoint members of the Nomination Committee, the Chairman of the Board shall not have to contact more than eight shareholders, unless it is necessary to convene a Nomination Committee consisting of at least three members.

Unless otherwise agreed between the members, the member appointed by the largest shareholder in terms of number of votes shall be appointed chairman of the nomination committee. The Chairman of the Board or another Board member shall never be the Chairman of the Nomination Committee.

Based on the above, the Nomination Committee for the 2021 Annual General Meeting has been determined to consist of the following persons who together represent approximately 25 percent of the number of shares and votes in the company as of September 30, 2020:

– Bo Lundgren, representing Robur

– Carl Borrebaeck representing Carl Borrebaeck, Chairman of the Board

– Peter Lindvall representing Mikael Löfman; and

– Astrid Samuelsson, representing Handelsbanken

The Nomination Committee’s proposal will be presented in the notice convening the Annual General Meeting 2021 and at the company’s website,

Shareholders who wish to submit proposals to the Nomination Committee are welcome to contact the Nomination Committee at the company’s address. In order for the Nomination Committee to be able to consider a proposal, the proposal must have been received in good time before the Annual General Meeting, but no later than 31 January 2021.

For more information, please contact:

Julie Silber, Director of Investor Relations, Immunovia


Tel: +46 7 93 486 277

About Immunovia
Immunovia AB is a diagnostic company that is developing and commercializing highly accurate blood tests for the early detection of cancer and autoimmune diseases based on Immunovia’s proprietary test platform called IMMray™. Tests are based on antibody biomarker microarray analysis using advanced machine-learning and bioinformatics to single-out a set of relevant biomarkers that indicate a certain disease. Thus, forming a unique “disease biomarker signature”.

The company was founded in 2007, based on cancer studies and ground-breaking research in the Department of Immuntechnology at Lund University and CREATE Health Cancer Center, Sweden.

The first product, IMMray™ PanCan-d, is undergoing clinical evaluation in some of the world’s largest clinical studies for pancreatic cancer, PanFAM-1, PanSYM-1 and PanDIA-1 and is currently in the final validation phase. The company aims for a sales start at the end of Q1 2021 with subsequent commercial testing in Q2.

When validated, IMMray™ PanCan-d will be the first blood-based test for early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer on the market, with a potential to significantly improve patient survival and outcome.

Immunovia Dx Laboratories located in Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA and Lund, Sweden will provide laboratory testing services in two accredited reference laboratories.

Immunovia’s shares (IMMNOV) are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. For more information, please visit