November 26th, 2018

Allbright Foundation’s green list of Swedish companies promotes Immunovia for gender equality

A recent report published by the Allbright Foundation has shown that the gender balance in Swedish corporations is moving towards more equality, but large differences between companies still exist.

Out of the 329 listed companies, 28 have female CEOs, 65% up since last year’s report. Furthermore, equality has advanced more when it comes to these companies’ boards – 34% of the board members are women and if the trend continues, gender balance in boards will already be achieved by 2024. In their report, listed companies are divided into green, yellow and red lists, where the red list means that the companies completely lack women in management roles, the yellow list shows which companies are halfway towards gender equality and the green list displays companies that have management teams that are equally balanced in terms of gender.

Immunovia belongs to the green list, together with 46 other Swedish companies who in total account for 14% of all Swedish listed companies.

Allbright is a Swedish, politically-independent, non-profit foundation that promotes equality and diversity at the executive business level in Sweden.

For more information please download the Allbright report (in Swedish):


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