Boston An independent LDT provider

Vision and mission

Immunovia’s vision is to lead the development of bioinformatics assisted diagnosis so that all patients are diagnosed in time for effective treatment, something which in turn results in a better quality of life and significantly higher survival rates.

Against this backdrop, Immunovia has a dual mission:

  • Using the IMMray™ platform to develop and establish more precise and reliable tools for the early detection of complex conditions such as cancer and autoimmune diseases.
  • Establishing the IMMray™ based blood test for early detection in pancreatic cancer high-risk groups.

Company values


We push innovation at the forefront to create a new generation of diagnostic tools that give clinicians better opportunity to diagnose cancer – early and with confidence.


Our goal is a world where all patients are properly diagnosed in time for appropriate treatment and better quality of life.


We have an opportunity to lead the way and drive change through breakthrough technology, clinical expertise and new thinking.


We are proud to continue the Swedish tradition of cutting-edge, life science innovation and will continue to display clinical and technical excellence in all things we do.


We are committed to revolutionizing cancer care for better patient management and improved survival.