Boston An independent LDT provider

Management team

Chief Executive Officer

Patrik Dahlen

Patrik Dahlen holds a MSc in Biochemistry from Åbo Akademi University and a PhD in Biochemistry from Turku University. He brings over 30 years of…

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Chief Scientific Officer

Rolf Ehrnström

Rolf Ehrnström holds an M.Sc. (Eng.) in biochemistry and biotechnology from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. He is the proprietor of Reomics AB and…

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Chief Financial Officer

Hans Liljenborg

Hans Liljenborg is a graduate of specialist education in business administration and mathematics from Lund University. He has long-term experience as a Finance Director of…

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VP of Strategy & Business Development

Hans Christian Pedersen

Hans Christian Pedersen holds a Master’s Degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Copenhagen. He has over 18 years’ experience in the sector working…

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VP Research & Development

Linda Mellby

Linda Mellby holds a master’s degree in chemical engineering and a doctorate in immune technology from the Department of Immune Technology from Lund University. Linda…

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Operations Director

Lotta Blomgren

Lotta Blomgren holds a MSc in Chemical Engineering from Lund University, Sweden. Lotta has more than 30 years’ experience within the life science and diagnostics…

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QA/RA Director

Annika Andersson

Annika Andersson is a Biomedical Scientist from Malmö University. She has more than 25 years’ experience within the life science and diagnostics industry, with the…

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Rob Pickles

Rob Pickles holds an HND and B.Sc. in applied biology from Nottingham Trent University in the UK. With over 25 years’ experience of sales, marketing…

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Thomas King

Dr. Thomas King is a board-certified pathologist with a PhD in molecular biology. He has extensive experience as a laboratory director in hospital, academic, and…

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Cindy Callahan

Cindy Callahan graduated from the University of Vermont with a BS in Nursing. After spending many years in the intensive care unit setting, both clinically…

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Meagan Luipold

Meagan Luipold holds a Master of Business Administration Degree with a concentration in marketing from Rutgers University. She brings 15 years of medical sales experience…

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