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Immunovia AB was founded in 2007 by researchers from the Department of Immunotechnology at Lund University and CREATE Health (the Center for Translational Cancer Research) in Lund, Sweden.

Our strategy is to decipher the wealth of information available in blood – and translate it into clinically useful tools to diagnose complex diseases such as cancer, earlier and more accurately than previously possible.

Immunovia’s unique technology platform – IMMray – is an antibody-based multiplex test that is designed to provide a snapshot of the immune system response – based on the information available in a single drop of blood.

But IMMray is more than a technology, it is a systematic approach, based on cutting-edge bioinformatics, to finding the most clinically relevant changes that appear in the blood, and combining this knowledge into a “disease fingerprint” – also called a biomarker signature – that is highly specific to the particular disease.

In 2017, Immunovia, Inc. was established in Marlborough, Massachusetts. The IMMray PanCan-d test, the first blood-based test dedicated to the early detection of pancreatic cancer, is offered as a laboratory developed test (LDT) exclusively through Immunovia, Inc. For more information see In addition to the USA, Immunovia aims to launch the test in suitable markets in Europe and Asia with the aim of providing global access to the test.

In collaboration with Create HEALTH Translation Cancer Center at Lund University and others, we also have ongoing projects in the discovery phase targeting other cancers.

Immunovia has developed since 2016 a clinical prospective study program in the three main risk groups for pancreatic cancer as follows:  PanFAM- 1 is the clinical study for individuals with familial/hereditary pancreatic cancer, PanSYM-1 for patients with early non-specific symptoms suggestive of pancreatic cancer and PanDIA-1 designed for individuals at risk due to the diagnosis of new onset diabetes after the age of 50. These three large clinical studies cover today more than 10 000 subjects recruited at 30 sites in the US and Europe.

Immunovia has been a listed company since 2015, with shares traded (as IMMNOV) on Nasdaq First North in Stockholm and since 3 April 2018 traded on Nasdaq Stockholm. The company has 60+ employees, and is headquartered in Lund, Sweden.


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