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Advancing early detection of pancreatic cancer

Immunovia is focused on revolutionizing blood based diagnosis and improving survival rates for the patients with complex diseases.

Immunovia, Inc.

IMMray™ PanCan-d now exclusively available from Immunovia, Inc.

IMMray™ PanCan-d is the first blood-based test dedicated to early detection of pancreatic cancer. It is exclusively available as a laboratory developed test (LDT) from Immunovia, Inc., Marlborough, USA.

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About Immunovia

Immunovia is a diagnostic company developing and commercializing highly accurate blood tests based on IMMray™, Immunovia’s proprietary platform which provides antibody biomarker microarray analysis for early detection of cancer and autoimmune diseases.

In 2017, Immunovia, Inc. was established in Marlborough, Massachusetts. The IMMray™ PanCan-d test, the first blood-based test dedicated to the early detection of pancreatic cancer, is offered as a laboratory developed test (LDT) exclusively through Immunovia, Inc. For more information see European launch plan will be communicated during the second half of 2021.

Immunovia has initiated since 2016 a prospective clinical validation program for high risk groups for pancreatic cancer involving 30 hospitals and over 10,000 patients from USA and Europe.

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Immunovia Q2 2021 Presentation

Immunovia Q2 Report 2021 presentation from August 19th, 2021 with CEO Patrik Dahlen; Medical Director Dr. Thomas King and Sr. Marketing Director US Cindy Callahan

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