EventEvenemang: Oslo Life Science Conference 2017

DateDatum: 15-17 februari, 2017

PlacePlats: Oslo, Norge

PhD Laura Chirica kommer hålla en presentation med titeln:
“Diagnosis of early stages of pancreatic cancer”

Länk till presentationen – 2017-02-16



EventEvenemang: Alpbach 2017 workshop on Affinity Proteomics

DateDatum: 13-15 mars, 2017

PlacePlats: Alpbach, Österrike

Prof. Carl Borrebaeck kommer hålla en presentation med titeln:
“Precision Diagnostics – a prerequisite for Precision Medicine in complex disease”



EventEvenemang: World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition Inaugural Meeting

DateDatum: 2-5 maj, 2017

PlacePlats: Montreal, Canada



EventEvenemang: 49th Meeting Of The European Pancreas Club (EPC)

DateDatum: 28 juni - 1 juli, 2017

PlacePlats: Budapest, Ungern



EventEvenemang: PancreasFest 2017

DateDatum: 26-28 juli, 2017

PlacePlats: Pittsburgh, PA, USA



EventEvenemang: Nordic Life Science Days 2017

DateDatum: 12-14 september 2017

PlacePlats: Malmö, Sverige



EventEvenemang: APA 2017 Annual Meeting (American Pancreatic Association)

DateDatum: 8-11 november, 2017

PlacePlats: San Diego, CA, USA



EventEvenemang: WORLD PANCREATIC CANCER DAY – It’s About Time

DateDatum: 16 november, 2017

PlacePlats: Sverige

An online event that will start at 9.00 am (CET) on November 16, 2017.
Experts, patients and their families from around the world will talk in this online event about challenges, opportunities and how we can join forces to improve survival rates in pancreatic cancer.