September 30th, 2016
Insights on the collaboration between Immunovia and the Knight Cancer Institute, Oregon Portland US, in the latest Vatorpod

In this episode of the Vatorpod, Immunovia’s CEO Mats Grahn and Dr. Joseph Carroll, Senior Director of Business Development & Commercialization at Knight Cancer Institute in Oregon, Portland, US are being interviewed about the crucial importance of early diagnosis in cancer.

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About Dr. Joseph Carroll

In his current role managing business development for the Knight Cancer Institute, Joseph helps to establish key alliances, partnerships and new ventures to help fulfill the Knight’s mission of ending cancer as we know it.

Joseph has a strong background in commercializing and translating genomic technologies in various disease settings. Over his 15 year career initiating and managing research efforts in biopharma and biotech (with companies such as Genetics Institute (acq. by Wyeth), Wyeth (acq. by Pfizer) and Millennium Pharmaceuticals), he has worked to utilize genomics to improve drug development and clinical trial design.