IMMray™ PanCan-d features and benefits

Features Benefits
Minimal (low microliter) consumption of samples, e.g. serum from blood Non-invasive and good for the patient
Minimal (low microliter) consumption of reagents, e.g. antibodies Economical and efficient
High sensitivity (pM to fM range) Finds needles in the haystack
High specificity Finds the correct needle(s) in the haystack
Multiplex capability Measures numerous proteins at the same time
High resolution No need to pre-fractionate the sample even if complex proteoms, such as serum, are targeted
Rapid assay (similar to conventional ELISA) Fast answers
Assay can be performed using existing hardware Easily implemented in the laboratory
Measures antibody signatures in microarrays Exploits the immune system as a specific, sensitive and early sensor for disease. Highly suitable for high-throughput protein expression profiling of complex proteoms.

Note: IMMray™ PanCand is not available yet as several clinical evidence studies are ongoing.6734