Event Plan

EventEvenemang: Oslo Life Science Conference 2017

DateDatum: 15-17 February, 2017

PlacePlats: Oslo, Norway

PhD Laura Chirica will hold a presentation with the title:
“Diagnosis of early stages of pancreatic cancer”

Link to the presentation – 2017-02-16



EventEvenemang: Alpbach 2017 workshop on Affinity Proteomics

DateDatum: 13-15 March, 2017

PlacePlats: Alpbach, Austria

Prof. Carl Borrebaeck will hold a presentation with the title:
“Precision Diagnostics – a prerequisite for Precision Medicine in complex disease”



EventEvenemang: World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition Inaugural Meeting

DateDatum: 2-5 May, 2017

PlacePlats: Montreal, Canada



EventEvenemang: 49th Meeting Of The European Pancreas Club (EPC)

DateDatum: 28 June - 1 July, 2017

PlacePlats: Budapest, Hungary



EventEvenemang: PancreasFest 2017

DateDatum: 26-28 July, 2017

PlacePlats: Pittsburgh, PA, USA



EventEvenemang: Nordic Life Science Days 2017

DateDatum: 12-14 September 2017

PlacePlats: Malmö, Sweden



EventEvenemang: APA 2017 Annual Meeting (American Pancreatic Association)

DateDatum: 8-11 November, 2017

PlacePlats: San Diego, CA, USA



EventEvenemang: WORLD PANCREATIC CANCER DAY – It’s About Time

DateDatum: 16 November, 2017

PlacePlats: Sweden