Board of Directors

Carl Borrebaeck (1948), Chairman

Carl Borrebaeck (1948), Chairman

Professor Carl Borrebaeck is a successful serial entrepreneur, having co-founded Immunovia AB, Senzagen AB, BioInvent International AB (BINV: Stockholm) and Alligator BioScience AB. Prof. Borrebaeck is a 2009 recipient of the AkzoNobel Science Award and was awarded the 2012 Gold Medal from the Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences in recognition of his ground-breaking research regarding biomarkers. In addition, Prof. Borrebaeck is previously the Vice-President of Lund University, Sweden (responsible for its Innovation systems); and currently Director of CREATE Health, a Translational Cancer Center; and previously chairman of the Department of Immunotechnology.

Current board appointments: Chairman of the Board of Senzagen AB and member of the Board of Alligator Bioscience AB, Clinical Laserthermia Systems AB, WntResearch AB and Ocean Capital AB. Carl Borrebaeck is also deputy Board member of Endo Medical AB and partner in Immunova Handelsbolag.

Completed appointments (last five years): Carl Borrebaeck has been Board member of LU Innovation System AB, BioInvent International AB, Atlas Therapeutics AB and Medicon Village AB. He has also been deputy Board member of Ideon Center AB.

Shareholding: 1.909.900 shares

Ann-Christine Sundell (1964)

Ann-Christine Sundell (1964)

Ann-Christine Sundell has 30 years of experience from the medical device industry, she has held various global positions. For 10 years she served as president for Genetic Screening, one of five strategic business areas with over 1500 employees worldwide within PerkinElmer, one of the largest Life Science companies.

Ann-Christine has strategic and operational experience from areas where Immunovia is active such as Sales & Marketing, R&D, production, quality and compliance.
Education:  MSc Biochemistry

Other current assignments: Chairman of the Board of Serres Oy and member of the Board of Oy Medix, Minerva Foundation for Medical Research, Raisio Oyj, Ledil Oy, Zymonostics ApS and Revenio Group Oyj.

Shareholding: 0 shares

Hans Johansson (1954)

Hans Johansson has excessive experience and a wide network from his previous positions such as VP, Head of Companion Diagnostics at ThermoFisher Inc Speciality Diagnostics Group (with a turnover of USD 3 billion).

Hans Johansson was also a former VP of Global Marketing and Commercial Development within the same company but at the ImmunoDiagnostics division and  earlier VP, Head of the Laboratory Business Unit at Pharmacia Biotechnology .

Hans has also been an active entrepreneur as CEO/Boardmember in the life science sector. Altogether, he has 30 years of experience from global business development and commercialization of biotechnical and diagnostic innovations.

Education: MSc in Chemical Engineering

Other Board assignments: Board member of Uppsala Innovation Centre AB, Single Technologies AB  earlier also  board member at AffiBody AB,  Chairman of the BoD for AroCell AB and  member of the nomination committee at IscoNova AB.

Shareholding: 23.460 shares

Åsa Hedin (1962)

Åsa Hedin (1962)

Åsa Hedin has a degree in biophysics from the University of Minnesota and has a bachelor’s degree in physics from Gustavus Adolphus College. Åsa Hedin also has a Diploma Pro Board work, M Berglund Board value.

Current appointments: Åsa Hedin is Chairman and CEO of ASH&Partners AB and Board member of E. Öhman J: or Fonder AB, Nolato Aktiebolag, The Swedish Space Corporation, CellaVision AB and Tobii AB.

Completed assignments (last five years): Åsa Hedin has been Executive Vice President (EVP) of Corporate Strategy and member of Group Management of Elekta Instrument AB. She has also been Senior Vice President, Head of Corporate Strategic Development of Gambro AB, Board member of Rodebjer Form AB and MedCap AB (publ). Åsa Hedin has also been Deputy member of the Board of Kihlborg Film Company Limited.

Shareholding: 10.000 shares

Ann-Christin Malmborg Hager (1965)

Ann-Christin Malmborg Hager (1965)

Ann-Christin Malmborg Hager has a PhD in immunoassay technology. Ann-Christin Malmborg Hager has commercial experience from current and previous positions as CEO of SenzaGen AB, she has previously been CEO of several start-up companies including Cantargia, Diaprost, XImmune and Investment Director. In addition, Ann-Christin Malmborg Hager has experience in Business Development.

Current appointments: Ann-Christin Malmborg Hager is Chief Executive Officer for SenzaGen AB. Ann-Christin Malmborg Hager is a Board member of Diaprost AB, Hager Consulting, Avena Partners AB and bulb Intelligence AB.

Completed appointments (last five years): Ann-Christin Malmborg Hager has been a Board member of WC Likvid AB, Cantargia AB and XImmune AB.

Shareholding: 0 shares